How To Make A USB Mini Fridge

usbmini fridge 111

With some cheap parts and a little electrical magic
you can make yourself a mini fridge

Physics, how we love you. You keep our feet on the ground, ontologically-ambiguous cats locked in boxes and photons in two places at the same time. It also enables the Peltier effect, what’s that we hear you breathlessly ask?

If a current is passed between two different materials a heat differential is created; one side hot the other cold. The principle is used in all sorts of situations including cooling processors and mini-fridges, though apparently they’re not that efficient, just small and light…

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The Grand Moff’s Darth Wine Chiller of Doom


Chill it. Chill it Real Good!

Kalorik has a new wine cooler out. It is their first to meet ANSI specifications for use aboard the Death Star. From the pitch:

It comes with 2 wireless temperature probes that you insert into uncorked bottles, sealing the spout of the bottle while sending accurate temperature readings of the liquid itself (not the bottle) to the LCDs on the outside of the chiller. Also, you can have the bottle out of the chamber (on the dinner table, let’s say) and the probe transmits the temperature to the base unit wirelessly. The chiller will alert you when the wine has become to warm and it’s time to put it back in the chamber. The unit also has a “quick freeze” option to chill Champaign as quickly as in the freezer. It allows you to simultaneously chill a bottle of red, white, rosé or champagne.

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