‘Hyper-Realistic’ Masks So Real Looking They’re Arresting the Wrong Guy


On the  left an SPFXMasks employee sprays a layer of paint on a mask called “The Player.” That model was used by a white man, right, in a string of robberies in Ohio.

They’re not just for Halloween anymore.  Expensive, realistic masks — the kind that are the hit of the costume party — are increasingly being used out of season, and not always for laughs.

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Artist Creates New Painted Face For Every Day Of The Year

JK yellow-bird
James Kuhn showing of his yellow bird face paint.
James Kuhn, an incredible artist, is the man behind these unique face paintings. An interesting part about this project is that he paints on his own face, a new mask every day for a year. That is 365 totally different designs, everything from cartoons to his favorite foods. Here you can see some of his mask, that represents a dog, a slice of watermelon, a bird, etc. Kuhn even painted Conan O’Brien on his face. He started with the project one day he missed work because he was snowed in, and his inspiration came from photo exhibitions of a picture that he saw one day.
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Get Running At France’s Human Hamster Hotel

Human_hamster hotel 1234

Theme rooms for the furry friendly
French workers tired of the rat race have been offered the chance to live like a hamster for the night instead. For only 99 euros a night (£88), people in Nantes can cage themselves in the specially-designed hotel.  (video after jump…)

Full Body Game Boy


This guy took the idea of a Game Boy to a whole new level by transforming himself into one. In the video you can hear him describe a bit of how he did it – with a lot of cardboard and a laptop hidden inside to control the screen. Not the most advanced setup, and he states himself that it’s a bit fragile, but the end result is awesome and he even included the essential music. Continue reading… “Full Body Game Boy”