Mouth-to-Mouth Puts Lives at Risk – Performing Only Chest Compressions is More Effective at Saving Lives

mouth to mouth resuscitation

There are fears that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation could hinder heart attack patients’ chances of survival

Skip the ‘kiss’ when giving the kiss of life, doctors advise, as study reveals performing only chest compressions is more effective at saving lives  An analysis of three research trials found that cardiopulmonary resuscitation was more effective when the time consuming mouth-to-mouth breaths were missed out.


iStan: Medical Dummy Mimics Live Patient

iStan: Medical Dummy Mimics Live Patient 

 iStan Medical Dummy

If your knowledge of America’s medical training technology is comprised only of that disembodied torso of a dummy you practiced CPR on back in high school, you might think that we’re a little behind other nations, such as Japan and its high-tech professional toys. Not so, however – just take a look at the iStan. When a firefighter or medical professional reaches you during an emergency, advanced dummies like the iStan make sure they won’t be practicing on you. They’ll already know what to do.

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Talking CPR Flashlight Could Help Save Someone’s Life


Light Up and Save A Life

While a regular flashlight can be handy in times of emergency, this particular flashlight could quite literally be the difference between life and death for someone who has stopped breathing or is experiencing cardiac arrest. At the touch of a button this talking flashlight will prompt you through the CPR process with a clear and calm female voice.

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