Bizarre Breast Puddings From Japan


Happy Breast Food (With Dramatic Packaging)


If you’ve ever seen the movie “Airplane”, you might recall a scene in which the jet is being shaken up by turbulence. The camera zooms in on two mounds of Jello jiggling like crazy, then pans up to a well-endowed lady’s, erm, endowments jiggling similarly. It was a funny gag, but we wouldn’t expect the Jello people to start packaging their pudding with the same association. And they wouldn’t expect us to expect it, either.

Japan is another story, however, and these sweet breast puddings come from the land where anything goes.

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Echo Park Time Travel Mart

Echo Park
Behold the fluorescent glory of the ECHO PARK TIME TRAVEL MART Marquee. Check it out in person at 1714 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. The Echo Park Time Travel Mart specializes in everything you need for time travel, such as Mammoth Chunks, Barbarian Repellent (warning: doesn’t work for Ostrogoth), and Time-Freezy Hyper Slushy drink among several other such time constrained products. Continue reading… “Echo Park Time Travel Mart”