Stationary Bike Blender


Drink it and work it off what a concept

If you’re a serious fitness nut, you probably have a routine of waking up to a 5 AM alarm, mixing yourself up a protein shake and then hitting the dark streets for a little pre-dawn jog. At least that’s the stereotype that I carry around when it comes to fitness nuts. If it’s true or even close, why not throw a little more exercise into your shake and double your calorie burn. Or just skip that stupid jog altogether and call the shake a reward for a morning of spinning. Continue reading… “Stationary Bike Blender”


How Will You Die For Only $68,000



How much will you pay to know your end game

Bid in a one-of-a-kind auction to have your DNA sequenced and interpretedDNA Strands: Sequencing individual genomes may lead to medical breakthroughs such as specifically tailored medications.

No doubt you have it on your calendars, but in case you forgot, the 25th is National DNA Day. Can’t think how to celebrate it? Well, if you have $68,000 or more lying around, you can bid for a chance to have your entire personal genome sequenced by Knome, a company that does such things. Continue reading… “How Will You Die For Only $68,000”


Strange But True Business


I Hope the Mail Man Doesn’t Get Hungry When This Passes Thru Processing

The strangest business idea of 2008 has been awarded to Dollar Hot Dog! This concept is so wacky; it’s hard to believe it’s not a hoax. A company that cooks and ships fully-dressed hotdogs in standard white envelopes to south-facing mail boxes in the US for only $1…can they be serious?

Continue reading… “Strange But True Business”