The 8 Most Insane Wikipedia Entries


What a serious waste of space or knowledge you choose

They say “knowledge is power,” but “they” seem to forget that most of our knowledge is devoted to subjects that are completely useless and retarded. If you could somehow harness just the brain power that’s currently being spent on, say, memorizing fantasy football stats, you could probably cure cancer.

Nowhere is humanity’s obsession with the inconsequential more obvious than on Wikipedia, where even the most obscure topics get propped up on enormous blocks of text. Here are the most depressing–and somewhat frightening–examples. Continue reading… “The 8 Most Insane Wikipedia Entries”


Superpowers Gone Wrong



Superhero movies are like highlight reels–they only show us our heroes on good days. The web always goes exactly where it’s supposed to, the heat vision never takes out a plane flying somewhere off in the distance. But what happens when the superpowers get in the way of leading a normal life? What happens when they get in the way of getting to the bathroom on time?

We asked you to fire up photoshop and show us some scenarios where superpowers would be less than convenient. The winner is below, but first the runners up … Continue reading… “Superpowers Gone Wrong”


Kick-Ass Apocalyptic Prophecies


Well at least this article is better than death metal

There are a lot of apocalyptic scenarios looming out there, in various religious sects in the nooks and crannies of history. Though the scenarios are wildly different in method, you can rest assured that most will leave us all equally dead.

While we can’t know which one is actually going to happen, here are the ones we’re rooting for, along with the heavy metal album cover each most resembles.

Continue reading… “Kick-Ass Apocalyptic Prophecies”


9 Manliest Names In The World


Oh aren’t you a manly man

Our culture is full of manly men doing manly things. And those men, invariably, have manly names. John Rambo. John Matrix. John McClane. Hollywood writers know what side their bread’s buttered when it comes to first names.

But, then there are those real-life men walking around who, by design or coincidence, have been gifted with names so manly you’d expect their penis to rip free of their pants and attack passersby. We’ve compiled a list of the 9 men with the manliest names in the world. Continue reading… “9 Manliest Names In The World”


DHS Wants Your Body Odor


Oh so you stink thats perfect

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security plans to study the possibility that human body odor could be used to tell when people are lying or to identify individuals in the same way that fingerprints can.

In a federal procurement document posted Friday on the Web, the department’s Science and Technology Directorate said it would conduct an “outsourced, proof-of-principle study to determine if human odor signatures can serve as an indicator of deception. …

Continue reading… “DHS Wants Your Body Odor”


Live With The Fishes


Get your best fish face ready for this crazy vacation idea

Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida offers a unique experience for those fascinated with marine life. This unique hotel that is only accessible by scuba diving can offer a romantic getaway for honeymooners or an educational look at underwater research with their aquanaut program.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge was once a fully-functional hub for underwater research which now offers unique underwater accommodations for anyone interested in living with the fishies. Continue reading… “Live With The Fishes”


Japan PM’s Reading Blunder


Makes me think of that Guinness beer commercial that has the tag line that is “Brilliant”

Reading Japanese isn’t easy – even for the Japanese.

Take Prime Minister Taro Aso. He’s made so many public blunders that an opposition lawmaker tried to give him a reading test during a televised session of parliament.

The Japanese leader bungled the word for “frequent,” calling Japan-China exchanges “cumbersome” instead. Another time, he misread the word “toshu” (follow), saying “fushu” – or stench – and sounded as if he were saying government policy “stinks.” Continue reading… “Japan PM’s Reading Blunder”


6 Dream Jobs Oh Maybe Not


Dream job or scream job

How’d you like to get paid to play video games? Or watch TV? Or just eat?

You hear about these mythical jobs now and then, and maybe even run into somebody who has one of them. These people seem to be living in a magical land where a man can make a nice paycheck doing the things he would be doing if he had no job at all.

But before you go tell your boss to piss off and devote your life to getting one of these careers, know that there is a downside to each. Continue reading… “6 Dream Jobs Oh Maybe Not”