Chocolate Pencils


At least when you chew your pencil when you get nervous you wont have to worry about splinters

Order a slice of chocolate cake at a restaurant or cafe and something immediately stands out: those chocolate curls decorating the frosting. Ever notice how much they look like pencil shavings? Don’t you wish you could top your home-made desserts with these delicate flakes?

Now you can – this set of assorted chocolate pencils from Nendo comes with a sharpener so you can save the shavings and feed your cravings! Continue reading… “Chocolate Pencils”


Exported Russian Urine


All I Have To Say About This Article Is “Creepy!!”

The website selling the urine ( click on English translation) has a massive slogan that in English reads: “Russian Urine Against Doctor’s Scalpel,” which in the Russian language comes out in rhyme. They have been in operation since 2000, spreading joy and doing well by carefully selecting candidates so that buyers can be absolutely assured that they are receiving 100% Russian urine! (It is not known if these people have a side business, which entails selling snow to Eskimos, but perhaps the truth is now out.)

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