Study: College Hookups Aren’t As Common As Popular Culture Suggests


Hookups are no-strings encounters

Young people may not be “hooking up” on college campuses as much as the popular culture suggests. At least that’s what a new study found when researchers asked students some specific questions about an often-ambiguous topic. Most agree that hookups are no-strings encounters, but just what that means can range from kissing to sexual intercourse.


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Transportation in 2020


In 10 years, your commute will be short, cheap and, dare we say, fun.

America is a culture of mobility. Geographic and social mobility have always played a critical role in our nation’s promise–they are part of our DNA, tied to the American Dream and our values of freedom, independence and exploration. For the last 100 years this dream manifested itself in the automobile. In the last 50, the airplane played a critical role. But things are changing, as the auto industry undergoes radical transformation, fear of terrorism makes air travel a chore, and uncertain energy supplies destabilize the world. These shifts are reshaping American attitudes about mobility. In 2020 a new generation will emerge from a period of frugality into one of resourcefulness and resilience. Americans will start searching for transportation solutions that are smarter, healthier, slower and more social.


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Extreme Dieting in Asia on the Rise


Dieting ad in Hong Kong

This glamorous Asian city is known for its mouth-watering dim sum. Its high fashion. And its 100-pound-and-under women. Agatha Yau, a marketing executive, is one of these women. She has done many things over the years to stay trim: taken diet pills, eaten meals of boiled vegetables and practiced delaying gratification.


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‘Sleep in America’ Poll Shows American’s Are Sleep Deprived Regardless of Race


American’s are sleep deprived

Sleep deprivation, it turns out, is colorblind.  The National Sleep Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that promotes sleep health, released its annual “Sleep in America” poll this month and for the first time examined how ethnic groups differ in their sleep habits. The poll of some 1,000 Americans ages 25 to 60, who were asked to identify as white, black, Hispanic or Asian, was meant to examine how cultural differences push the physiological boundaries of how much sleep we need.


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All Americans Are Struggling To Get Enough Sleep

How much would you pay for a good sleep? Simmons and Panasonic are working together to create a $10,000 bed that is intended to help people all asleep, then gently wake them up.

All Americans are struggling to get more snooze time, but a report out today shows that race and cultural differences play a role in sleep-related habits.   The National Sleep Foundation releases its annual “Sleep in America Poll,” which reveals how much sleep Americans are getting, what their bedtime habits are, and who’s seeing the doctor and taking medications when sleep is elusive. This year, for the first time, the report explored differences in the sleep habits of different ethnic groups: Asians, African Americans, Hispanics and whites.

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Ancient Tribal Language Becomes Extinct As Last Speaker Dies

 Boa-Sr 1234

The last speaker of an ancient tribal language has died in the Andaman Islands, breaking a 65,000-year link to one of the world’s oldest cultures.

Boa Sr, who lived through the 2004 tsunami, the Japanese occupation and diseases brought by British settlers, was the last native of the island chain who was fluent in Bo.


Six Cultural Trends Not Saving The Planet


India: fast food nation

Live and let live, right? We’ve all heard the phrase a million times, and it connotes that true-blue American sentiment of accomodation and freedom of choice. But what about when our choices are trashing the earth? Then it seems the only remedy is pointing out our own foibles again and again until we realize how damaging and destructive they are. Scanning the globe for recent trends we find a lot that seems to be going in the opposite direction of environmental protection. (Pics)

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China Hoping Chinese Literature Goes Global


Sanwei Bookshop in central Beijing

China has excelled in recent years at producing Olympic gold medalists, skilled factory workers and more billionaires than any country other than the United States. But authors are another story. The influence of China’s novelists and other writers has long been stunted by the country’s history of censorship and custom of detaining government critics. At the Frankfurt Book Fair, billed as the world’s largest gathering of publishers, government officials said they want to extend China’s cultural clout by persuading the West to read more of its books.


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