A Look At The Future Of Facebook Credits


Today at f8, Facebook’s Deb Liu walked developers through the future of Facebook’s official currency, Facebook Credits. During this presentation, Liu discussed some of the new features Facebook plans to launch in the near future.

One new feature is called App2user Credits. This is a set of promotions that allow users to earn Facebook Credits in ways that don’t involve paying with their credit card. Liu presented three examples…

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Five Greatest Risks to the Future of the Euro Zone


Anti-capitalist graffiti in Athens, Greece

First it was Greece. Then came Portugal and Spain, with Ireland and Italy not far behind. The financial crisis has driven up public debt in Europe’s common currency zone to such heights that many economists fear the euro could collapse.


Zero Rupee Banknotes Issued In India


Zero Rupee banknote

Special zero rupee banknotes have been issued by an anti-corruption campaign to challenge India’s bribe culture.  Campaigners from the Fifth Pillar charity, which confronts corrupt officials using freedom of information legislation, have issued notes bearing the image of Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of its freedom struggle.


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Momentous Shifts In Global Power By 2020


As the second decade of the 21st century begins, we find ourselves at one of those relatively rare moments in history when major power shifts become visible to all. If the first decade of the century witnessed profound changes, the world of 2009 nonetheless looked at least somewhat like the world of 1999 in certain fundamental respects: the United States remained the world’s paramount military power, the dollar remained the world’s dominant currency, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization remained its foremost military alliance, to name just three.


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Traces Of Cocaine Found In 90% Of US Paper Money


Traces of cocaine exist in up to 90 percent of banknotes in many large US cities

You probably have cocaine in your wallet, purse, or pocket. Sound unlikely or outrageous? Think again! In what researchers describe as the largest, most comprehensive analysis to date of cocaine contamination in banknotes, scientists are reporting that cocaine is present in up to 90 percent of paper money in the United States, particularly in large cities such as Baltimore, Boston, and Detroit. The scientists found traces of cocaine in 95 percent of the banknotes analyzed from Washington, D.C., alone.

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One Third of Germans Want the Deutsche Mark Back

One Third of Germans Want the Deutsche Mark Back

 People tend to like their currency more when they have some of it

The euro may be soaring in value against the dollar but more and more Germans would gladly ditch the currency. The main reason for this dissatisfaction is a misguided tendency to blame it for inflation. Another reason, of course, might be nostalgia for the deutsche mark.

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