Strong Immunity at Cost of Fertility?

“its A Bhaaaaaad Trade off”

Strong immunity may play a key role in determining long life, but may do so at the expense of reduced fertility, a Princeton University study has concluded. An 11-year study of a population of wild sheep located on a remote island off the coast of Scotland that gauged the animals’ susceptibility to infection may give new insight into why some people get sicker than others when exposed to the same illness.

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Global Warming May Result In Cooling Of Southeastern US


To be honest when its 120 degrees outside in the Southern summer a cool down really does not  sound so bad

Global warming may include some periods of local cooling, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. Results from satellite and ground-based sensor data show that sweltering summers can, paradoxically, lead to the temporary formation of a cooling haze in the southeastern United States. Continue reading… “Global Warming May Result In Cooling Of Southeastern US”


Is Anything Made In The U.S.A.


Made in the USA yeah right

It seems as if the country that used to make everything is on the brink of making nothing. In January, 207,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs vanished in the largest one-month drop since October 1982. U.S. factory activity is hovering at a 28-year low. Even before the recession, plants were hemorrhaging work to foreign competitors with low-cost labor. And some companies were moving production overseas. Continue reading… “Is Anything Made In The U.S.A.”