Dr. Yan’s Time Lapse Video of Rotting Food


I’m always amazed by the life cycle of everything on our Earth.  It’s so incredible how every organism seems in perfect harmony (no matter how big or small).  OK, sometimes it can be a bit gross to see (this video is icky and interesting at the same time).


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Ultrathin Rechargable Electic Bike


ver2 electric bike

Industrial designer Yuji Fujimura has developed a unique concept bike utilizing a lithium-ion battery. This means that the bike is  rechargeable as well as reliable for long term use. The ver2 battery will provide power to the motor, so that this bike can be used as an electric bike or electric motor cycle. When ver2 is in motor cycle mode, both pedals will set themselves at the lowest position. (Pics)


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30 Marvelous Motorcycles

motorcycle gunbus

Finally a Motorcycle for the rest of us!

Now That’s Nifty has a gallery of thirty unusual motorcycles, including those converted into campers, limos, and tracked vehicles. Among them is the massive Leonhardt Gunbus, which is powered by a massive 410 cubic inch engine:

When it comes to custom motorcycle builders, there’s crazy and there’s really crazy. Falling into the latter category is one Mr. Clemens F. Leonhardt, who has just finished building what he refers to as “the world’s biggest motorcycle.” Excluding some other crazy creations, such as the Monster Bike, the guy’s got a point. Unlike other two-wheeled behemoths, the Leonhardt Gunbus is actually ready to ride on normal roads and will soon go into series production… (Pics)

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The Glowing ARTIKCAR



Bicycle Design is always trawling up remarkable cycle oddities. This one, the work of UK artist Ben Wilson, is modeled off the kids toys Ben remembers from youth. Though more art than daily mule, ARTIKCAR is steered by leaning the body. It was conceived for a parade masterminded by Walk the Plank, a UK “creative force of artists, theatre makers, pyrotechnicians and event engineers.”


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Turning Elephant Poo Into Paper

Turning Elephant Poo Into Paper 

 The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company

The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company, is focused today on the production, innovation and marketing of all sorts of fun products made from elephant poo! They have a fun and dynamic international team at their modest outfits in N. America, Australia, Japan, and Europe where they spread the word and sell their products, as well as in Asia where they make all of their fantastic products using age-old paper making techniques, evolved locally over hundreds of years.

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Surprise: More Bicyclists Means Fewer Accidents

Surprise: More Bicyclists Means Fewer Accidents

More bikes mean safer roadways?

In a study that at first glance seems counterintuitive, researchers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, reviewed safety studies from 17 countries and 68 cities in California and found that the more people bike in a community, the less they collide with motorists.

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The Evolution of Mobile Phones 1985 – Today


Watch closely a see if you can spot the models you owned

Using some great morphing software, this video has an ingenious way of adding perspective to the blurring development cycles in the ever changing cellphone marketplace.  Second video after the jump.


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Biking Disaster – Amazing Photo

Biking Disaster

They should have lynched him

On June 2nd in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, seven competitors in the cycling race were severely injured after being hit by a drunk driver, one of them died and three others were hospitalized. This amazing photo captured the moment of impact. The drunk driver was arrested after the rest of the participants tried to lynch him.

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Dreamfit: The Motorcycle For Paraplegics


When motorcyclists have an accident they roll a dice, with escaping unscathed on one side and very severe consequences on the other. And for those unlucky enough to sustain severe and permanent injuries like paraplegia, there’s often one huge regret – that they may never ride again on a real bike. A chance encounter with a paraplegic ex-motorcross champion in a hospital carpark inspired West Australian Darren Lomman to put together an audacious project: a motorcycle for paraplegic riders – and his working prototype, a heavily modified Honda CBR250RR, is now road licensed and operational. With the right investment and profile, Lomman believes the Dreamfit bike isn’t too far away from production potential – and after around 150 enquiries from all around the world, he would love to be able to put the bikes in the hands of more people for whom riding has become an impossible dream.

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