Daito Manabe Turns His Assistant Into a Human Drumkit


The human body is a conductor of electricity—a fact exploited by touch screens and, now, a novel way of generating music.

Daito Manabe has a history of conducting quirky, painful experiments in which he administers shocks to the human body — usually his own — powerful enough to cause involuntary muscle contractions. He uses electricity, music, computers and video to expand on what were literally the earliest scientific experiments ever to be recorded photographically — the electrical shocks to the face of Parisians administered in the 19th century by Guillaume Duchenne. (video)


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Life as a Human Meat Puppet


A face driven by music – Video 3

This video was created by sound artist, Daito Manabe, front man to the Face Visualizer designed by Masaki Teruoka and built by Katsuhiko Harada. No, the music is not controlled by facial contortions. Rather, Daito-san’s face is twisted to the music via electrical-pulse stimulation — 10 channels in total, 8 to control his facial expressions, 2 to keep the music and face in sync. More videos after the jump.

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