Will Video Games Come Alive In The Future?

Will Video Games Come Alive In The Future?

Avatars with emotions 

Anyone who’s played through a game like Microsoft’s Fable II (who can forget your virtual dog?), BioWare’s Mass Effect (with its robust roster of non-playable characters) or seen Sony’s upcoming Heavy Rain (whose developer, Quantic Dream, promises a new type of relationship between player and character) may have wondered to themselves whether gaming, which is still in its infancy as an art form, is heading towards its inevitable Citizen Kane threshold. More than the graphics or surround sound, the latest game consoles’ processing power are bringing to life AI-controlled characters unlike anything experienced before.

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Tweet On The Street

Tweet On The Street

Social networking has become the new frontier for public relations 

The sign of the times that was the late February shutdown of the Rocky Mountain News is the result of a long-brewing sea change in the public’s media-consumption habits. It follows that it also represents a sea change in public relations. Less newsprint and fewer newsrooms make for less opportunity for companies to get exposure in traditional media.
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Year 2036: Mars colonization and a date with destiny

Year 2036: Mars colonization and a date with destiny

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson host of the NOVA scienceNOW PBS program

From a half billion kilometers away, the message was powerful. In 1994, fragments of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet slammed into Jupiter. The earth-size fireballs ejected into space were captured and relayed back to be seen again and again in Internet replay. The message: we need a foothold in space if our species is to survive.

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Startup Junkie Underground Features Perry Evans, Founder of MapQuest

Startup Junkie Underground Features Perry Evans, Founder of MapQuest

Joe Pezzillo, Perry Evans and Joy Milkowski at the Startup Junkie Underground

On Monday night the DaVinci Institute’s Startup Junkie Underground hosted Perry Evans, founder of such successful companies as MapQuest, Jabber, and Local Matters. Over the last fifteen years Evans has raised over $80 million in investor capital and “created value” to the tune of $1.5 billion. These figures are all the more impressive considering Evans spent a large part of his career working for larger companies, until he spun MapQuest out of R.R. Donnelly & Sons in 1994. MapQuest was subsequently acquired by AOL in late 1999 in a stock deal valued at $1.1 billion.

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Can Twitter Fix an Economy in Crisis?

Can Twitter Fix an Economy in Crisis?

In search of a future for Brentwood, CA … and the U.S. work force

Raymond Alvarez:  Earthquakes, a great flood, fires – seemingly nothing could stop the rocking ’90s and California’s Contra Costa County, an area bounded by high tech companies to the south and industrial giants in the north.

Then came the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, the real estate bust.

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Seed Capital Boot Camp – How to Find Investors for Your Business

Seed Capital Boot Camp - How to Find Investors for Your Business 

 Yes, there is still money out there for investment!

Seed capital is the early stage money needed to get most businesses off the ground. It is considered a high-risk investment, but one that can reap major rewards if the company becomes a growth enterprise. This type of funding is often obtained in exchange for an equity stake in the enterprise, although with less formal contractual overhead than standard equity financing.

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Pushing the iLimits

Pushing the iLimits  

 iFart Mobile developed by internet entrepreneur and best selling author Joel Comm

The mother of invention is probably wagging a finger at creative genius Joel Comm as he wears a smug smile. One can easily appreciate Comm’s remarkable Internet marketing genius. Everyone has thought of it, but he’s among the few who puts ideas – no matter how crazy – to work. By the way, mother probably wants to think twice about pulling Comm’s finger.

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50 Interviews at the Startup Junkie Underground

50 Interviews at the Startup Junkie Underground

Brian Schwartz at the Startup Junkie Underground 

Raymond Alvarez: Author Brian Schwartz quickly turned philosphical in his talk that covered the unfamiliar terrain of starting a business. He tells his audience to follow a passion, and not just any passion. “The objective should not be a personal goal. If it’s about making money for yourself, that won’t work,” Schwartz told an audience of 150 people. Schwartz penned the 250-page 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs, a Biographical Encyclopedia.  

The idea for the book came from a conversation Schwartz had with his wife. She reportedly thought he shouldn’t leave his sales job at IBM before talking to 50 accomplished entrepreneurs. Just incidentally, two of the people he interviewed are Thomas Frey of the Davinci Institute and Rob McNealey of Contrived Media, Ltd., who writes the forward. In fact, Frey urged him to unveil his book at the Davinci event.He quotes Jen, the MillionaireMommyNextDoor.com. in the book: “I discovered that once I chose happiness, the money followed.”  Continue reading… “50 Interviews at the Startup Junkie Underground”

DaVinci Institute Featured on ‘Make the Difference Network’

DaVinci Institute on Make the Difference NetworkDaVinci Institute on Make the Difference Network

The DaVinci Institute hopes to set a new standard for science museums

“Make the Difference Network” is an online resource for connecting donors with non-profits. Started by famed actress Jessica Biel, the site has been designed to draw attention to some of the lesser known causes. The DaVinci Institute and its plans for the Museum of Future Inventions is now testing the waters on the site to see how best to inspire donors with a museum about the future, a museum where every exhibit talks about the big things that still need to be accomplished.

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Priceline Founder, Jay Walker to Speak at Colorado Inventor Showcase

Colorado Inventor Showcase – 2008
Produced by the DaVinci Institute along with
some of the finest inventors in the world

This year’s event will mark the 4th annual Colorado Inventor Showcase. Each year the Showcase attracts some of the nation’s finest inventors and their incredibly clever inventions. Inventions are judged by a cast of over 50 celebrity judges, and will be on display throughout the afternoon and evening for all attendees.

Featured Speaker Jay S. Walker, Founder of Priceline.com. Jay Walker is chairman of Walker Digital, a private R&D laboratory based in Stamford, CT. He founded the lab in 1994 with the guiding vision that new consumer applications for large-scale networks represent the key growth opportunity for many industries. Walker holds around 250 U.S. patents. In total, Walker Digital has invented about 1,000 applications for the Internet, cell phones, credit-card networks, and casino networks, as well as vending machines and lottery and retail networks. The company employs teams of inventors, engineers, designers, and attorneys. Typically, it partners with Fortune 500 firms to bring its inventions to market. Walker is best known as the founder of Priceline.com. He also founded Synapse, which became the world’s largest seller of magazine subscriptions and is now a unit of Time Warner.

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