Spy Wear


Its Just A Matter Of Time Before Kids Use This Product As An Easy Way To Cheat On Tests

As most cell phone manufacturers have found out, it’s pretty hard to top Apple’s iPhone. But with a simple change in form factor that is decidedly old school sci-fi, Korea’s LG may have a winner in the LG-GD910 touchscreen wrist phone. Originally shown off as a concept device at CES 2008, LG plans to unveil a working 3G version of the wrist phone at CES 2009.

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Cycle Life Watch


The End Of The Paper Style Day Planner Is Near

Most of us have a pretty boring daily routine, so designer Andy Kurovets decided to make fun of that fact with a watch that leads us through the six stages of an average person’s day. Starting with Wake Up!, the watch leads us through our commute and sitting at a PC at work, before returning home to watch TV and going to bed.

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