Art Circles In The Sand


Extreme Sand Art

Most visitors to a beach are happy just writing their name in the sand.

But a coastal walk 12 years ago led Jim Denevan to a career in sand art that has seen him sculpt spectacular images on beaches and desert floors.

Among his creations is a 5km (three-mile) long spiral design in the Black Rock salt plain of Nevada.

The 47-year-old walked more than 160km (100 miles) to scrape his perfectly geometric shapes on to the desert floor using just garden tools and wooden sticks. The design took nine days to complete.

Mr Denevan, a surfer from California, said he sees the similarities between his art and crop circles in fields.

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The Transformative Nature of Burning Man

The Transformative Nature of Burning Man

Burning Man – An event that will change your life

Burning Man began in 1986 when Larry Harvey – ex-bike messenger, ex-cab driver, and landscaper of abnormal gardens – burned a home-made human effigy on a San Francisco beach with 10 people looking on. Twenty years later, Burning Man is a festival with 50,000 participants from all over the world, with an annual budget of over $10 million. Amazing photos after the jump.

The DaVinci Institute will be hosting a special event on the “Transformative Nature of Burning Man” on July 7th. (Pics)
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