A Nightgown That Reacts To Sound


Sound reactive nightgown

Voice activation is a function electronic devices like cell phones, GPS units and computer include in their feature list to make it more convenient to interact with them but clothing? Yes, clothing too, at least this is what Sarah Soriano, a new media artist with a love to electrify garments is proposing with the sound reactive Nightgown. (Video)


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3D-Printed Math and Science Sculptures

sculpture 1243 borromean

Wild Geometry Dropping Into The 3Rd Dimension

Bathsheba Grossman is a sculptor who uses cutting-edge technology to render math- and science-inspired shapes in three dimensions. You can buy 3D-printed laser-cut metal ones, or order them in plastic at lower costs from ShapeWays. That sound you hear is my jaw scraping my keyboard… (Pics)

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Dell Froot Concept Design Does Away with Keyboard, Monitor

Frooting amazing!
With the environment and sustainability firmly in mind the Dell Froot concept saves the planet courtesy two projectors: One for the virtual keyboard, and another for the monitor.Designed by Pauline Carlos as part of a sustainability contest sponsored by Dell, the Froot also uses a colorful case that’s constructed out of a biodegradable starch-based polymer. As it’s a futuristic concept, the lack of a mouse is understabdable—we’ll no doubt be using our brains by then.

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Folding Electric Bike – The “Mini-Farthing”

mini farthing 4321
If only I could wipe this swarmy look off my face…
The YikeBike is an electric, folding “mini-farthing” (think “penny-farthing”) bike — €3,500 gets you a 10kg electric scooter that folds up to the size of a cymbal set and travels 10-20km on a single charge at 20km/h. Ideal for short-hop commuters who are too lazy to pedal a bicycle, as well as anyone who doesn’t think a Segway is dorky enough!

World Flight Record Set For Paper Plane


World record set for paper plane

It’s a world flight record even though it only lasted 26.1 seconds. Not your usual record, because it’s origami, and it was achieved by the president of the Japan Origami Plane Association. Takuo Toda just missed matching his personal best of 27.9 seconds, but that one was with a plane that had been made with tape. (Videos)


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Green Teams and Homeowners Needed for the Smarter, Safer, Greener House Contest


Smarter, Safer, Greener House Contest

Everyone is invited to enter the Smarter, Safer, Greener House Contest as a Team and compete to win bragging rights and a minimum cash prize of $500,000.  Individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies from anywhere in the world may enter the Contest. 


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The Glowing ARTIKCAR



Bicycle Design is always trawling up remarkable cycle oddities. This one, the work of UK artist Ben Wilson, is modeled off the kids toys Ben remembers from youth. Though more art than daily mule, ARTIKCAR is steered by leaning the body. It was conceived for a parade masterminded by Walk the Plank, a UK “creative force of artists, theatre makers, pyrotechnicians and event engineers.”


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Fleximus – Flexible Camera Concept



We’re not sure why designer Art Lebedev wants to shoot video from the oddest of angles, but with his new design concept he calls Fleximus, he says “your horizons for creativity will be broadened tremendously.” His design concept for a flexible snorkel-cam with a lens on one end and a compact peephole viewfinder on the other is certainly original. (Pics)


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