Funny Photos of Signs


Some signs are certain to crack you up, some are likely to infuriate you, some send such mixed signals hardly a human being will come out of the experience unaffected. Perhaps, some would even pledge to enter the sign design business, just to keep the streets unpolluted by the atrocities you are about to see (or, on the contrary, become urban art junkies to seek out more examples of signage insanity). (Pics)

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Winners of the WSJ 2009 Technology Innovation Awards


The latest version of the T5000 biosensor from Ibis Biosciences

Medical detective work may have just gotten a lot easier.

Just how difficult it is gets highlighted every time an infectious disease sweeps the globe, as the new strain of swine flu did earlier this year. Current methods of testing for disease-causing microbes are pretty effective at discovering whether an infected fluid or tissue sample contains a known virus or bacteria. But trying to detect previously unknown organisms is a whole different story.


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Aston Martin Supercar of 2025 Designs


Students at the Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) Turin have designed concepts for an Aston Martin supercar for 2025. The idea was to create a car that would be fit for the roads of the future, and also live up to the sporty design, performance and elegance that is expected from an Aston supercar. (Pics and videos)

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House on the Water by Formodesign


House on the Water

Our friends from formodesign sent us House on the Water, a self-sufficient house for nomadic life offshore. Designed as a rental house for people who want to be independent it’s available only through water. It is located by Navagio beach, NW coast of the Greek Zante island. (Pics)


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Amazing And Creative Architectural Art Installations


Amazing art installations and building modifications

When does a building transform from a shell into a work of art within itself? Can artists improve even beautiful architectural wonders, turning them into something more creative and meaningful? Some architectural art installations are done out of necessity because the work is simply too large to be contained. Others use the building to make a political statement, to give value to an abandoned space or simply for the pure joy of it. These 12 installations encompass the whole spectrum, making use of everything from the Sydney Opera House to a decaying factory. (Pics)


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Startup Junkie Underground Discusses Customer Roles in Product Development

Startup Junkie Underground

July’s Startup Junkie Underground saw Jim Mooney, founder and CEO of References-Online, telling the story of his business and the influence his customers have had on its development. According to Mooney, he has been able to turn “one good idea” into a successful business employing over 20 people without ever taking on outside financing. With a background in business-to-business sales, Mooney knew firsthand the difficulties in connecting a prospective customer with a reference customer. The task was especially difficult for new companies that might have relatively few customers, as even a customer willing to provide a reference may tire of the process after a few calls. Mooney’s idea was to create recorded references that were easy to access but with less marketing spin than “the glowing testimonials found on the corporate website.” References-Online’s initial product were audio recordings of interviews with reference customers, all conducted by a third party and available online. The interviews were split into short segments of about a minute in length by topic to allow prospective customers easy access to the information (Mooney notes that in seven years no prospect has ever hit the “play all button”), and also allows companies to track what information was of interest to the prospect and tailor future messaging accordingly.


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