Turn a Broken Down Laptop into a Desktop PC-Inside-A-Keyboard

DAV laptop to desktop hack


Laptops, unfortunately, go through a lot of wear and tear, to the point of unusability. Hacker Bart, however, shows us how just because a laptop’s hinge, monitor, or keyboard is broken doesn’t mean it can’t still be a working, desktop computer.

This project is still ongoing, but has most of the kinks worked out and is a great springboard for a similar project with any laptop. After getting a free Macbook Air in not-so-great condition, Bart set out to turn it into a tiny desktop PC. Minimalist Mac towers are nothing new (from the old G4 Cube design to the newer Mac Minis), but this now-desktop is special—instead of being its own mini-tower, it resides in a small case under the keyboard and Magic Trackpad, hooked up to an external monitor…

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