Student in Kenya Invents Solar Powered Forest Fire Detector


Kenya Forest Services workers use branches to put out a fire at Karura forest in Nairobi.

Efforts to curb forest loss around the world as a means of cutting carbon emissions just got a boost: A Kenyan student has invented a device to automatically detect forest fire outbreaks.



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Infrared Lie Detector Test

Infrared Lie Detector Test 


In a world of where truthfulness is at a premium , a game of cops and robbers unfolds and plays itself out in different dimensions and to different degrees. I don’t mean to be cryptic but it’s just that we have to accept the fact that people lie, and it is an effort to find the truth in someone’s deceit. The Infrared lie detector is one such innovation that will, hopefully, end this cyclic game that has been in constant motion ever since the dawn of civilization. Since polygraphic tests are as reliable, scientists have devised a new way to bring culprits to book, using recent developments in neuroscience.

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Introducing the Bad Breath Detector

Introducing the Bad Breath Detector

It’s a bad breath detector!

If you get lucky at the local club you can quickly check yourself out with the meter and buy one of those peppermint sprays if necessary. Better still, you can hold this gadget in front of your hot date’s mouth and check to see if s/he needs to buy some mints too.

It detects the specific gases from your teeth or stomach, and shows 5 levels of mouth smell in different colors of LED display.

Video after the jump.

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