The Future of eBooks


Spring Design’s Alex Reader

If you think that the E Ink screen on the Kindle look like a wet newspaper, you’re not alone.  Inventor and technology futurist Ray Kurzweil thought the same thing. So the man who developed optical character recognition and voice recognition came up with Blio, a digital book software program that promises to put those gray-scale displays to shame.


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Asus To Launch Inexpensive Dual Screen eBook


If the final version of the device has a foldable spine, it will open like a traditional book and close so it can be read in tablet form

The world of ebooks is about to start a new chapter with the arrival of the cheapest digital reader on the market. Asus, one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics businesses, confirmed last week that it is planning to shake up the market in the same way it did when it launched the first netbook — the low-cost alternative to the laptop.


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