‘Age of Publicness’ Benefits Us All


In the company of nudists, no one is naked and there is nowhere to hide. In this space and on my blog, I have been arguing that with the internet, we are entering an age of publicness when we need to live, do business and govern in the open. So I was left with little choice when I learned I had prostate cancer. I had to blog it. So far, no regrets. Oh, one troll tweeted that in my blog post, I had merely used my cancer to plug my book (which, by the way, is entitled What Would Google Do?). But my Twitter friends beat him up on my behalf. I got emails pushing nutty cures on me – yes, there is cancer spam – but Gmail’s filters killed them for me. And I have had to be mindful not to bring my family into my glass house; my transparency shouldn’t necessarily be theirs.

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Night With A Futurist: “The Coming Data Tsunami”

Night With A Futurist: “The Coming Data Tsunami”

 Futurist Speaker, Thomas Frey, DaVinci Institute

Rocky Radar:  Monday’s Night with a Futurist featured Thomas Frey’s thoughts on “The Coming Data Tsunami.” Simply, this coming tidal wave exists because the rate of data creation is about to explode and exceed all solutions to store, transmit, process and extract value from the data. At the core of Frey’s thoughts on the subject is what he calls the cumulative law of information value. To paraphrase, this law says that more information, or data reserves, is more valuable and that this value grows exponentially. An important addendum to this law is that that a lag time exists between data creation and when the value from that data can be extracted. With this view on the value of information in place – postulating that it could even be a currency of the future – Frey went on to explore the challenges expected as the volume of information explodes.

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