DIY Polish Tractor Culture


Fortunately this tractor doesn’t run on smiles.

For independent farmers in Poland in the 1960s, it was nearly impossible to acquire a tractor. Any agricultural machines made in Poland during this period went to state-owned farms, and were too expensive for a private farmer to purchase.  Plus, they weren’t tough enough for mountain farms. 

So enterprising farmers built their own tractors, using decommissioned army vehicles, pre-WWII German machines, and anything else they could find.

Photographer Lukasz Skapski traveled throughout the Polish countryside to document these homemade tractors, and found vehicles that could climb very steep roads, go faster than allowed, and were still trucking after 40 years.

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Do-It-Yourself Flamethrower


Impress your friends and family with your own flamethrower

Everett Bradford is a young electrical engineering student who is a fan of X-Men.  Inspired by the flame throwing prowess of Pyro in the X-men, he designed a system that mounts on his wrist and propels fire when he moves his hand back. The flame is ignited through a fuel can at his waist. Second video after the jump.


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Brain Surgeon Operates With DIY Drill


An eminent British neuro-surgeon has been performing complex brain operations using a £30 do-it-yourself cordless power drill at a clinic in Ukraine.

Henry Marsh, a senior consultant at St George’s hospital in Tooting, south London, has used the Bosch 9.6 volt battery-operated hand tool to open up the skulls of his patients to remove life-threatening tumours. Occasionally the battery has gone flat halfway through.

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