Discovery of ‘Happy Hour’ Gene Could Lead to New Treatments for Alcoholism

Discovery of ‘Happy Hour' Gene Could Lead to New Treatments for Alcoholism

Discovery of ‘happy hour’ gene could lead to better treatments for alcoholism

Some people can hold their drink better than others because they have a “happy hour” gene, claim scientists, who believe the discovery could lead to treatments for alcoholism.  Researchers found that those who had the genetic make up were able to become hardened to the affects of alcohol and therefore able to drink more.

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Is There Really A Cure For A Hangover?

Is There Really A Cure For A Hangover? 

The French call it “la gueule de bois,” or wooden mouth. For Germans, it’s “Kater,” or a tomcat. Japanese know it as “futsukayoi,” or “two-days drunk.” But whatever the language and wherever it takes place, a hangover is the same: headache, nausea, shaking, blurred vision, biliousness, dry mouth… the list of evils is long.

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Blow Me: Onsite Breathalyzer Services

Blow Me:  Onsite Breathalyzer Services 

 Blow Me is an onsite breathalyzer service for your event.

Despite the overtly sexual connotation of the brand’s name Blow Me, it’s not what you think.  Blow Me is a company that has found a way to make a profit from one of the other major vices on the planet; excessive alcohol consumption.  Blow Me charges and fights the bad guys by administering onsite breathalyzer services.

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GMail Goggles Stops Inebriated Epistolary Spewing


That’s Easy, Gimme Something with TEETH!

A belly full of turpentine swilled rot gut, a drunken decadruple somersault down the slippery slope, a greasy slalom from one thing to another, and somehow, I’m blearily writing an inebriated screed to one Mr. Joel Johnson, subject line: “I QUIT, FAT BROOKLYN METRO-PUKE.”

It happens. Unfortunate, yes, but heretofore unavoidable. But Google’s latest addition to GMail plays defense between your impolitic inebriation and your friends and co-workers.

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Biking Disaster – Amazing Photo

Biking Disaster

They should have lynched him

On June 2nd in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, seven competitors in the cycling race were severely injured after being hit by a drunk driver, one of them died and three others were hospitalized. This amazing photo captured the moment of impact. The drunk driver was arrested after the rest of the participants tried to lynch him.

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