DryMate – Tumble Dryer with New Energy-Efficient Vacuum Technology



DryMate is a clothes dryer that uses a new vacuum technology to dry clothes at lower temperature. As a result lesser energy is consumed, and heat-related damage to the clothes is avoided. The dryer scores another brownie point for being easily accessible from a standing position. To aid its stand further, a 9 degree tilt and a wide-mouth drum has been incorporated to the design. The rounded exterior gives a refreshing new form to the redundant cuboids that we see at homes. (Pics)


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Electrolux Design Labs 2008 Competition


Famed vacuum-cleaner maker Electrolux shows it doesn’t suck as much as you think by putting on a design competition every year. This year’s nine Design Lab ’08 finalists have outdone those from the past, with students inventing and designing a variety of ambitious devices that might make your quality of life better – if they’re ever actually manufactured. See an overview of the amazing gadgets in the video above.

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