China’s Monster Dust Cloud Circled The Earth In 13 Days


An enormous dust cyclone swirls over northeastern China

It was a natural phenomenon that would have tested the limits of even Mr Muscle.  Scientists in Japan have found that clouds generated by a massive dust storm in China’s Taklimakan desert in 2007 completed more than one full circle around the planet in just 13 days.


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Scientists Directly Observe Three Distant Planets

Scientists Directly Observe Three Distant Planets 

 The Hubble Space Telescope captured a fuzzy image of the planet, known as Fomalhaut b, which is no more than a white speck in the dust ring that surrounds the star.

A little more of the universe has been pried out of the shadows. Two groups of astronomers have taken the first pictures of what they say – and other astronomers agree – are most likely planets going around other stars.

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