Portable DVD LED Projector


Does it also come in pink?

Designed with the f word in mind (that’s fun, potty mouth), this idiot-proof LED projector features an integrated DVD player and built-in stereo speakers. Simply plug it in, bung in a disc and gawp in wonder as it beams a quality image (up to 50”) on the wall. Papa-papa-papa-papa – yeah!

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The New Set-Top Box Battle – The Long War Has Begun


One year ago, we predicted that the infinite format war would rise from the ashes of the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war-that a million online services and set-top boxes would suddenly promise to deliver movies and video to your computer or TV. And that each one would essentially be their own format, since none of them are compatible, and each would promise only a fraction of available movies. We were right about our fears, but we also have a solution to a decent download collection.

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