Elephants in Africa Found to be Two Distinct Species

african elephants

African elephants

You may not have been debating whether African elephants living in savannah or forests were two separate species, but it’s been an unanswered question among scientists for a while. A new study in the journal PLoS Biology claims to put the question to rest though, determining though DNA sequencing that African elephants are in fact two separate species–in fact they are genetically further apart than Asian elephants are from the extinct wooly mammoth.


‘Beehive Fence’ Deters Elephants


Bees vs Elephant

A simple fence made from wood, wire and beehives can deter elephants from raiding farmers’ crops. A pilot study in Kenya has shown that such fences reduce the number of raids by elephants by almost half.

The work is the culmination of previous research which showed elephants are naturally scared of African honey bees.

A much larger trial is now underway in the hope the fences will provide an elegant solution to years of conflict between elephants and farmers.

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New Online Dating Service for Zoo Animals

New Online Dating Service for Zoo Animals

Mating rituals are easy, but describing them online is tough

A new software is making it way onto the web to help improve the sex lives of zoo animals. It’s promising easier and more accessible data, faster matches and — in a page out of the most particular of human dating sites — details on an animal’s personality to ease what can be a testy process. Luckily, zoos won’t be required to document all the turn-ons and turn-offs of each animal. (Pics)

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