Google Gmail Adds Free Phone Calls in U.S. and Canada


Google Gmail to roll out phone calls from email accounts.

Google has confirmed that Gmail users in the USA and Canada will be allowed to make phone calls direct from their email accounts. The “Calls from Gmail” service will begin to roll out this week, and will allow free calls to American and Canadian numbers “for at least the rest of the year”. Low rates, which could be as low as two cents per minute to Europe, China and Japan, will also be available for international calls.


Email Most Popular Mobile Internet Activity

mobile email

Email still more popular thatn social networking on mobile devices.

Social networking has become such a staple of online activity in the US that, according to Nielsen, internet users spent more time on social networking sites and blogs than doing any other activity in June 2010. Games, which came in second, took up less than half as much time.

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An Explosion of Texting Among 18 to 34 Year Olds Pushes The Telephone Conversation Into a Serious Decline


Texting among 18 to 24 year olds has doubled.

Jane Beard and Jeffrey Davis didn’t realize how little they speak to their children by phone until they called AT&T to switch plans. The customer service agent was breathless. The Silver Spring couple had accumulated 28,700 unused minutes.


China: Cyber-Spying Network Targeting India


China cyber-spying system focuses on India

Reports of a China-based cyber spy network targetting the Indian military and the consequent alert sounded by Army authorities may be only the tip of the iceberg — investigations have revealed a fully dedicated India-specific espionage system aimed at business, diplomatic, strategic and academic interests.


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Modern Technology Makes it Easier to Track a Cheating Spouse


How to catch a cheating spouse

Tiger Woods. Jesse James. David Letterman. The list of celebrities who have cheated on their romantic partners is long. And, no, you’re not crazy if you find that worrisome.  After all, if Sandra Bullock, America’s sweetheart, can’t keep her biker spouse on the monogamy motorway, how can anyone be sure his or her partner isn’t running up a little extra mileage on the side? Don’t we live in an era when a detour to Troubletown is no more than a text message–or a Facebook “poke”–away?


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