America’s 10 Most Endangered Rivers Of 2009



Levee break, Sacramento-San Joaquin River in California. Image credit:American Rivers/Aquafornia blog.

From outdated flood control schemes to harmful dams and mining projects, our nation’s rivers and clean water are at risk. Today, we released America’s Most Endangered Rivers: 2009 edition, spotlighting ten rivers in need of urgent action. Learn more and take action to help the rivers at See summary descriptions the 10 most endangered rivers after jump…

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Plants Display ‘Molecular Amnesia’


The study of Epigenetics.. dare you to stick your hand in

Plant researchers from McGill University and the University of California, Berkeley, have announced a major breakthrough in a developmental process called epigenetics. They have demonstrated for the first time the reversal of what is called epigenetic silencing in plants.

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Scientists Clone Endangered Amami Rabbit

 Scientists Clone Endangered Amami Rabbit

Japan’s first endangered animal clone

The Amami rabbit — a threatened species found only in the Ryūkyū Islands — may become Japan’s first endangered animal clone. Scientists at Osaka’s Kinki University have cloned an embryo of the endangered rabbit and are awaiting its birth next month, it was announced earlier this week. (Pics)

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