CartaSense Helps Monitor Swine Health For Potential Viral Outbreaks


CartaSense chip

Cartasense is monitoring animals at home and on the range
It won’t help this time around alleviating the swine flu outbreak, but the Israeli company CartaSense has invented a chip to monitor swine health to nab potential viral outbreaks early.


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Japan’s Stressed Salarymen Suffer Halitosis Epidemic During Recession


Does lack of cash flow produce bad breath?

As if looming unemployment were not enough to cause sleepless nights for legions of the country’s businessmen, they are now falling victim to an unfortunate side effect of work-related stress.

Ichiro Saito, a professor of dentistry at Tsurumi University, said that he has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of people experiencing “dry mouth” syndrome and he believes that as many as 30 million of his countrymen are now afflicted.

According to Prof Saito, humans secrete around 1.5 litres of saliva every day, a response that is controlled by the nervous system. Stress – brought on by an irate boss or a missed deadline – affects the nervous system and inhibits the secretion of saliva, meaning that less naturally occurring “mouthwash” is available…

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Crack Babies – The Epidemic That Didn’t Happen

The Epidemic That Didn’t Happen 

 Baby addicted to cocaine

One sister is 14; the other is 9. They are a vibrant pair: the older girl is high-spirited but responsible, a solid student and a devoted helper at home; her sister loves to read and watch cooking shows, and she recently scored well above average on citywide standardized tests.

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