DaVinci Inventor Showcase Displays Wide Range of Innovations

jerome rifkin

Inventor of the Year at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase – Jerome Rifkin, Tensegrity Prosthetics

The DaVinci Institute held its annual Inventor Showcase on Saturday, November 13, where a large group of inventors demonstrated innovative concepts and products.  The event attracted a large crowd of inventors, entrepreneurs and families looking to get a glimpse of what is just around the corner.


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A Drive-Thru Car Museum


Drive-thru museum

Sigh. While we write about a world after cars, where people live in walkable cities, Francesco Gatti is building a drive-thru museum in Nanjing, China. The whole thing is a cross between some complicated origami and a parking garage; one drives through exibits to the parking on the roof, then gets out of the car and looks at exhibits in the cube in the middle that takes up a small proportion of the building area. Of course it ramps down, so effort expended is minimal.


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