Eco-Friendlier Fireworks May Be Exploding Soon


Anatomy of Environmental Impact

A firework is a low explosive pyrotechnic used for entertainment such at firework displays and holiday celebrations (4th of July, New Years, etc). Brilliant in color and explosively loud fireworks bring smiles and joy to people all over the world, but as beautiful as they are to watch there is some concern that fireworks may be dangerous to our health and to our environment. Continue reading… “Eco-Friendlier Fireworks May Be Exploding Soon”


Mentos and Diet Coke Explosion in Slow Motion



Robert Woodhead combines the two things that we just can’t seem to ever get sick of seeing: Stuffing Mentos into Diet Coke bottles and the super-slow-mo action of Casio’s EX-F1 camera to create this stunningly beautiful video.

Woodhead compensated for the 1200fps’ paltry 336×96 frame size by stitching four different Mentos tests together, and the results are awesome. Globs, ribbons and rings of Coke that are impossible to track in real time come to life when seen in slow-motion. Sevond video after the jump.

Continue reading… “Mentos and Diet Coke Explosion in Slow Motion”