SETI Marks 50 Years By Giving You a Chance To Send A Message to Alien Life


ET: waiting for your call?

If you had the chance to send a message into space, what would it say? “Greetings, fellow sentient beings”? “We come in peace”? “Hi… we’ve kind of messed up our planet, and we wondered if by chance anyone out there had a spare one?”


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Earth Could Be Habitable An Extra 1 Billion Years

Earth’s Life Extended An Extra 1 Billion Years 

Earth Gets 1 Billion Year Life Extension

The Earth could be habitable for another 2.3 billion years, extending previous estimates of life’s horizon by more than 1 billion years.

King Fai Li and his colleagues at Caltech hypothesize that Earth’s atmospheric pressure has always varied, and that it could fall in the distant future, keeping Earth from frying for far longer than previous research had shown.

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Neuron Chamber


Steampunk style art or extraterrestrial art you make the call

Okay fine, maybe this is more of an artistic representation that’s taken a few liberties, but still, the Neuron Chamber on display at Maker Faire 2009 is a pretty cool looking piece of extraterrestrial art.

Creator Alan Rorie says that the concept behind the Neuron Chamber is that there are alien brains inside the chamber that are under observation, and we’re watching the cerebral process at work. In this case, it’s an reaction moving from the Soma down the Axon of the neuron. Continue reading… “Neuron Chamber”

SETI Finds Regular Laser Pulse In Space

SETI Finds Regular Laser Pulse In Space

 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

After you’ve spent more than 20 years hunting for an alien signal, you think you’d be celebrating if you noticed a mysterious pulse suddenly rising up on your computer readouts. A regular pulse, amid the random clatter of the cosmos, suggests that someone very smart at the other end is sending a message.

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The Jollbot Robot

The Jollbot Robot

 Jollbot – Jumps like a grasshopper, stings like a bee

Jumping over hurdles and rolling through better surfaces is daunting. Similarly, maneuvering over on the lunar and extraterrestrial surfaces is equally challenging for the bots and machines alike. Making robots with ability to move about efficiently in all terrains is expensive and cumbersome, therefore Jollbot is a great introduction here. Created by Rhodri Armour, a PhD student from the University of Bath, the Jollbot is a robot that can jump like a grasshopper and roll like a ball. (w/Video)

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