Shifting Tides Ahead After Financial Titans Fall

 Shifting Tides Ahead After Financial Titans Fall

Conspiracy theories, both real or imagined, will soon run rampant

The credit crisis shaking the global economy is forcing a dramatic reconfiguration of Wall Street, where the financial industry in recent years has been driven to take ever-greater risks on increasingly esoteric investments. The fragility of Wall Street’s architecture was exposed this week when two icons of investment banking and the world’s largest insurance company were fed into the maw as their competitors pushed for a historic government bailout to help salvage their own shaky businesses.

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Insane Unicycle – Riding Down the Escalator


 For people who think skydiving is for wimps

Crazy stunts with a mountain-unicycle at the Vienna University of Technology, Karlsplatz. Includes juggling with 3 clubs and one-footed riding! Riding downstairs, jumping upstairs, gliding, riding on an edge, and the best part are the out-takes. Second video after the jump.

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