Fallout Shelters of the Cold War Era Making a Comeback


A 1955 photo shows the interior of an H-bomb steel shelter at an unknown location.

Jason Hodge, father of four children from Barstow, Calif., says he’s “not paranoid” but he is concerned, and that’s why he bought space in what might be labeled a doomsday shelter.  Hodge bought into the first of a proposed nationwide group of 20 fortified, underground shelters — the Vivos shelter network — that are intended to protect those inside for up to a year from catastrophes such as a nuclear attack, killer asteroids or tsunamis, according to the project’s developers.


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Congressional Fallout Shelter


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The Secret Bunkers under the Greenbriar Resort

From the 1958 until 1992, the Greenbriar Resort in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia sat on top of a secret. Underneath was a huge fallout shelter designed to accommodate members of the US Congress and their aides in case of a nuclear attack.

The 18 dormitories could sleep 60 people each on metal bunk beds. Each had a shower, toilets, and small lounge…

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Congress’s Groovy, Formerly Secret Fallout Shelter


Enter the shelter here…

Atlas Obscura takes us on a tour of the US Congress’s secret fallout shelter, built in the fifties so that Congresscritters and their aides (but not their families) could survive a nuclear holocaust. Its location — beneath Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV — was outed by the WashPo in 1992, it has since been superseded by an even s33ktr1ter shelter with even groovier wallpaper to take into the next world…

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Carlos Labs Uses Google Maps To Show Fallout From North Korean Nuke


The red is a thermal radius.

North Korea’s aiming their test missile near Hawaii. The US military says they can protect the islands, and locals aren’t too worried, but if something happens, the thermal, shockwave and radioactive fallout will look something like this.


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