Australian Company Introduce Shirts That Wipe Out Body Odor


No stinky no more!

Body odour, that unfortunate side-effect of hard-working tradesmen, could be a thing of the past.

Advances in clothing technology are resulting in odour-destroying fabrics, performance-increasing sportswear and electrically-conductive fibres sparking excitement in the fashion industry.


No Need To Wash, Freeze-Clean Your Jeans


Wash-free Jeans

Okay, so we don’t wash our jeans as much as we ought to. But really, wash-free jeans? TriStar (not to be confused with TRISTAR, a subsidiary of Columbia Pictures) – a Brazilian fashion label – has created a denim collection with directions to freeze-clean your jeans! The company’s CEO says after wearing them, put them into a plastic or cloth bag, then freeze it for 24 hours to kill the bacteria!


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Soular Backpack – Trendy Solar Bags For Off-Grid Charging of Hand-Held Gadgets


Soular Backpack

Neon Green has decided to bring solar to the fashion forward among us, from tween girls to guys working in the financial district. The makers of solar bags have come up with a variety of designs that incorporate thin-film solar cells into trendy bags with “soular” for off-grid charging and backup power for hand-held gadgets. Neon Green claims the bags are so awesome, they’ll “transform [you] from a mere mortal to a super hero with soular powers.” Now that’s quite a statement. (pics)


Color Marketing Group Decides What’s Hot In Colors For 2010


The Color Marketing Group forecast color directions for all industries, manufactured products and services

Fashion is a fickle thing, and, unless you follow trends closely, you get left behind in the “that was so last week” heap.   When it comes to the look of your home, fashion is fairly forgiving. Unless you regularly entertain experts from the design world, you can pretty much get away with anything that looks “good” — well, at least for a couple decades, anyway. However, if your home is way past due for a makeover, or if you just want to get ahead of the curve for once, here we present the colors the experts say will be “hot” this year. And for a little emphasis and perspective, we turn to Marie Stewart, interior designer and owner of the Santa Clarita Valley franchise of Decorating Den Interiors. This is a full service interior design and decorating company, with the motto “No project is too small.”

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A Nightgown That Reacts To Sound


Sound reactive nightgown

Voice activation is a function electronic devices like cell phones, GPS units and computer include in their feature list to make it more convenient to interact with them but clothing? Yes, clothing too, at least this is what Sarah Soriano, a new media artist with a love to electrify garments is proposing with the sound reactive Nightgown. (Video)


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Capacitors Create Fashion Statement For Tech Heads

capacitor necklace 4132
This necklace is bright and bold with 7 traffic cone orange capacitors!
Silver tubes space the capacitors on a snake chain.
Those creative folks over at ETSY dot com have entered another barrage of hot tech fashion staments. Case in point is the artist “digiBling” who has created an electronical array of necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and belts to satisfy some of our most basic techy fashion flavors.
Utilizing remnants of our colorful past this artist produces jewelry from surplus parts. There is the green resistor necklace with matching earrings…

Vans Shoes With R. Crumb Artwork


Counter Culture Icon Fritz the Cat now available on Vans

Vans slip-ons have been a popular and fashionable shoe option for many years now. In recent years, Vans has made shoes featuring designs from pioneering underground artists we really dig like Robt. Williams and Rick Griffin. We were thrilled to find out that they recently added a series of shoes featuring the art of comix pioneer R. Crumb!

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