Designer Hussein Chalayan – Wearable, Portable Architecture

Designer Hussein-Chalayan - Wearable, Portable Architecture 

Is it fashion or is it furniture?

Twice awarded Designer of the Year, UK native Hussein-Chalayan doesn’t have the typical background you’d come to expect of a fashion designer – in fact, he’s a tech geek who’s translated his knowledge into fashion and that certainly comes across in his unique designs.
On exhibit now at the Design Museum in the UK until May 17th, one of Chalayan’s exhibits have visitors to the museum asking, is it fashion or is it furniture? (Pics)

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Top 10 Most Fun and Crazy Hats

Top 10 Most Fun and Crazy Hats

 10. The Strawberries ‘N Cream Hat

Can’t get your sweet tooth off your mind? Wear it on your head instead! The strawberries and cream hat is fun, flirty, and not as tacky as you might expect! Before toting it to a fashionable event, I would double check the dresscode – but this is a fashion statement perfectly suited to bake sales! (PICS)

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HRP-4C Fashion Model Robot Just In Time For Tokyo Fashion Week



Just in time for Fashion Week In Tokyo, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has unveiled the HRP-4C fashion model robot. As you can see in this video, the robot has a series of motors situated throughout its 5-foot tall, 95-pound body that give it a rather life-like appearance.

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Tokyoflash Bluetooth Necklace Design Survey


Jewelry of the Future?

The fine folks at Tokyoflash are asking visitors to participate in a design process by giving feedback and opinions to help with the development of Bluetooth necklaces that let you connect wirelessly to your cell phone or computer (to let you answer the phone handsfree while driving or chat on Skype without having to sit down at the computer).

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Millennium Falcon Cuff Links


For those who feel secure with their own masculinity

Most geeky lifestyles don’t involve going to a lot of formal events, but there is always going to be the occasional wedding or other fancy occasion when we need to put away the hip mounted cell phone and get dressed up. Still, you’ll probably want to maintain some way to signal any fellow geeks at the event, so that you can hook up at the reception and discuss whether Chris Pine or William Shatner makes a better James T Kirk. Continue reading… “Millennium Falcon Cuff Links”


Lumitop: Fiber Optic Illuminated Clothing

Lumitop: Illuminated Clothing 


Fiber optics are, well, fiber. Makes sense to weave those fibers into haute couture fashion clothing. Not exactly designed for shrinking violets, the Lumitop clothing line will make a statement on any dancefloor or red carpet. Check out the gallery below for more samples of this latest stab at tech fashion. There’s even something for the guys… well, only if your name is “Gunther.” You have to wonder where the battery pack goes.

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