Amazing Photos Of New Species Discovered In Nangaritza, Ecuador

New Species Discovered In Ecuador

Glass or Crystal Frog

A scientific expedition along one of the most bitterly contested international borders in recent history has revealed a fascinating array of species, many of which are believed to be new to science, Conservation International (CI) announced. (Pics)

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Hawaiian Happy Face Spider

Hawaiian Happy Face Spider

Variety of Hawaiian Happy Face Spiders 

The spider, which measures just a few millimetres across, has developed bizarre markings giving the appearance of a smiling face.

Scientists think the spider, which has the scientific name Theridion grallator and is harmless to humans, has evolved the patterns to confuse predators. (Pics)

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Underwater Robotic Vehicle Can Hover In Place



MIT researchers have designed a new robotic underwater vehicle that can hover in place like a helicopter — an invaluable tool for deepwater oil explorers, marine archaeologists, oceanographers and others.

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