Computer-Controlled Bacteria Build Microscopic Pyramid


Researchers at the École Polytechnique de Montréal used bacteria that follow magnetic pull to build a tiny pyramid:

By using a computer-controlled magnetic field, the researchers turned the bacteria into fully-compliant biological nanorobots.

The trick was using a type of microbe known as magnetotactic bacteria. These critters have little internal compasses, and will follow the pull of a magnetic field…

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Homing Pigeons Have Built In “GPS”

Homing Pigeons Have Built In “GPS”

Homing pigeons use the Earth’s magnetic field 

Homing pigeons have built in ‘satnav’ that uses Earth’s magnetic field to pinpoint position and help them find their way home, according to a study.  Scientists have suspected for years that birds possess the ability to use the Earth’s magnetic field for their navigation, although it has never been proved beyond doubt.

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