Phantom Ray UAV Flies For First Time Riding on NASA’s Space Shuttle Carrier


NASA’s Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, a modified Boeing 747, carries Boeing’s Phantom Ray during a test flight.

As the space shuttle fades into the sunset, NASA’s Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier is looking for a new job. Here’s the first time it has been used for carrying an aircraft other than NASA’s orbiter: The Phantom Ray combat UAV.


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The Cri-Cri: World’s Smallest Electric Plane


The Cri-Cri

Reminiscent of James Bond’s fold-away Acrostar mini-plane, the Cri-Cri is the world’s smallest electric plane and this week made its official maiden flight at Le Bourget airport near Paris. Jointly developed by EADS Innovation Works, Aero Composites Saintonge and the Green Cri-Cri Association, the lillipution aircraft is the first-ever four-engined all-electric aerobatic plane. (Pics)


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World’s First Glass-Bottomed Hot Air Balloon Makes Heart Stopping Maiden Flight


World’s first glass-bottomed hot air balloon.

These stomach-churning images capture the moment the world’s first glass-bottomed hot air balloon took its maiden flight today ahead of the 2010 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. (Pics and video)


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Solar Impulse Flight A Great Success, Flies For 26 Straight Hours Powered Only By The Sun


Go Solar Power!!!

Yes! The Solar Impulse’s flight was a huge success! It landed safely in Switzerland after a 26-hour haul across the Heavens. The people behind the flight hope that it will prove to skeptics that solar power is a viable form of energy after all. I mean, powering all of life on Earth apparently means nothing to these skeptics, but to see an aeroplane in the air? Money.

You may be thinking, “Wait, it was in the air for 26 hours? What happens when the Sun sets?” Nothing more than good, old fashioned batteries.

The plane was loaded with 12,000 solar cells, cells that collected the Sun’s rays as it streaked across the sky. High in the sky, too, reaching an altitude of 28,543 feet.

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Experimental ‘Scramjet’ Sets Hypersonic Speed Record

X-51A WaveRider hypersonic flight test vehicle

Here’s the scramjet being loaded onto a B-52.

Arcing through the hazy air above California, this is the incredible sight of a scramjet as it flies at six times the speed of sound.

The experimental aircraft set a record for hypersonic flight, blazing through the air for more than three minutes at Mach 6, or more than 4,500 mph.

The X-51A Waverider scramjet was released from a B-52 bomber last week before its engine took it to Mach 6 and it flew autonomously for 200 seconds.

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Thanks To Barley Grown In Space We Now Have SPACE BEER!

space beer 3142

A Japanese firm is producing a limited run of beer made from barley which spent time on the International Space Station. From The Japan Times:

The brewer will receive orders for the Sapporo Space Barley beer via the Internet until Dec. 24, making 250 six-packs, holding 330-ml bottles, available at a price of ¥10,000 each, Sapporo said Thursday, adding the product will be delivered to customers in late January. Proceeds will be used for the promotion of science education.

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Air India Pilots and Crew Slug It Out At 30,000 Feet


The Maharaja witnessed his first in-flight Mughal-e-Azam at 30,000 feet above sea level on Saturday, as two members of the cabin crew—one male and one female—slugged it out with the pilot and co-pilot.  Endangering the lives of 106 passengers and grossly violating safety norms, the airline staffers came to blows in the cockpit and galley of the Indian Airlines Airbus A-320 as the aircraft cruised over Pakistan en route to Delhi via Lucknow from Sharjah. (Video)


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A Marriage Made In Zero Gravity

A Marriage Made In Zero Gravity

Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan getting married in 727 at zero gravity

I am very fond of love. It makes people do silly things, giddy things, and, sometimes, very strange things indeed.

However, I am full of vicarious admiration for Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan, a Brooklyn couple who decided to do silly, strange, and giddy all together for their wedding on Saturday. Terrestrial weddings were far too mundane for their refined sci-fi tastes.

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A Zero Gravity Wedding For Two Space Fanatics


The First Couple of Zero G’s

A pair of space fanatics will have a wedding that is out of this world when they become the first couple to get married floating in zero gravity at the Kennedy Space Centre.

Noah Fulmor, 31, and Erin Finnegan, 30, will exchange vows on an aircraft at the centre at Cape Canaveral, Florida, that can simulate weightlessness similar to a spaceship in orbit.

The groom will offer the floating bride a ring made of fragments from a meteorite that crashed into the Earth 30,000 years ago….

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