Land Peel – Carpet That Transforms Into Furniture


Land Peel

By necessity, the Japanese have an intuition for space-saving design that shines in their products and architecture. But this concept might be one of the cleverest we’ve ever seen. Created by Shin Yamashita, a student at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, Land Peel is a foam floor covering which also has panels that flip up and fold, to become any sort of furniture you might need: From a table, to a backrest, to a drink tray, to a footrest, to a pillow. (Pics)


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New Sting Ray Discovered in Australia

stingray 43445
The new string ray (Neotrygon sp.) discovered at Ningaloo Marine Park, WA.
Photo: Jeremy Vaudo.

Scientists have discovered a new species of stingray at the World Heritage-nominated Ningaloo Marine Park.

Environment Minister Donna Faragher said the new ray was part of the maskray family and with a wingspan of 30cm, it was much smaller than most rays found at Ningaloo.

Mrs Faragher said the find highlighted the importance of the Ningaloo Marine Park…

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