Saturday Morning Science Experiment: Flour On Fire

Flour is not as innocuous as it may seem. Like other carbohydrates, it’s really just a tiny chain of sugars at heart. And (as anyone who’s ever made s’mores knows) sugar can light up like a dried-out Christmas Tree that’s been exposed to an electrical spark…

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Noodle Making Robot

robot_noodle_machine 2534

Robots Come In All Shapes and Sizes These Days

Trust the savvy Japanese to make robots do everything; next we’ll have them making robots to make robots. But until they decide to make Terminators, it seems that we’ll have to make do with the Buckwheat Noodle Robot Sanuki Shokunin. The robot has been designed to crank out buckwheat noodles are the rate of 700 portions an hour, and of the quality that usually requires a precision knife and a skilled noodle chef.

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