Bees Prefer Flowers with Caffeine


Bees prefer certain kinds of nectar.

Also nicotine!  A study conducted at the University of Haifa revealed that bees prefer nectar containing those psychoactive substances.

Flower nectar is primarily comprised of sugars, which provide energy for the potential pollinators. But the floral nectar of some plant species also includes small quantities of substances known to be toxic, such as caffeine and nicotine… Caffeine is found at concentration levels of 11-17.5 milligrams per liter, mostly in citrus flowers. In the nectar of grapefruit flowers, however, caffeine is present in much higher concentrations, reaching 94.2 milligrams per liter…

The results showed that bees clearly prefer nectar containing nicotine and caffeine over the “clean” nectar. The preferred nicotine concentration was 1 milligram per liter, similar to that found in nature. Given a choice of higher levels of nicotine versus “clean” nectar, the bees preferred the latter.

The presumption is that natural selection has favored those plants that satisfy the desires of their pollinators.  Further studies are underway to ascertain whether the bees are addicted to caffeine and nicotine.


Scent Delivery System

Scent Delivery System 

Patent# US 6842218, which refers to the Scent Delivery System, allows the user to pick his or her own smells, a rather dubious thrill to begin with. It works by injecting scent into an airflow created by the fan or canister, and creates scented air, which is carried to the nose by the flow of air via a nose mask or facemask. If you are wondering why anyone would want such a thing, join the club whose membership is fast disappearing from a lack of interest.

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Wilting Flower Helps You Save Electricity

Wilting Flower Helps You Save Electricity 

The Wilting Flower 

Most people would agree that saving electricity in the home is a good thing. Even if you aren’t a treehugger, cutting back on wasted power can save plenty of money on the electric bill. Still, most of us could use a little reminder at times, that’s a bit easier than running around with one of those Kill-A-Watt things.

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A Lamp That Adjusts To the Environment

A Lamp That Adjusts To the Environment 

 Stimuli 3.0

Here’s a design concept that shows some unusual thinking on the part of its creator, Chris Natt: What if you fitted a smart lamp with petals that open and close like a flower? The result is Stimuli 3.0, a shape-shifting device that measures ambient light and adjusts its illumination accordingly, using a three-axis gearbox.

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Flowers’ Smell Not Traveling As Far

Flowers’ Smell Not Traveling As Far

Pollution is affecting the distance that the smell of a flower will travel

Spring’s bloom may not smell so sweet anymore, as pollutants from power plants and automobiles destroy flowers’ aromas, a new study suggests. The finding could help explain why some pollinators, particularly bees, are declining in certain parts of the world.

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