ZEEP Design’s Helicopter Car


Now, we are so fond of the flying cars, that even designers are trying their hands on some out of the world renderings of their own thought of a prospective roadable flyer. This one from the ZEEP Design show is a car that transforms into a helicopter, now that can be a realistic idea if for those cars start taking to the skies on a regular basis. (Pics)
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Prevent Head Explosions With Ear Pressure Equalizer


Earache My Eye!

Frequent fliers, we know the sight well. The plane begins to land and our inner ear pressure swells, feeling something like the gradual multiplication of wet socks within our brain pan. A clench of the jaw and our inner ear pressure pops, making us feel marginally better. Ah. But in front of us, a fellow passenger is not so lucky. He grabs the side of his head, frantically swallowing and yawning, his mouth frothing over with half-chewed Chiclets, but nothing happens. Now he’s screaming. Oh god. Not again.

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