History of the Flying Car – Part Three: The Waterman Aerobile


The Waterman Aerobile on display at the Smithsonian.

In 1934, the Bureau of Air Commerce recognized the Waterman Arrowplane as one of two award-winning designs for its flivver (light, easy-to-fly, affordable) aircraft competition. The Waterman Aerobile #6 is the improved version of the design. The Arrowplane was initially designed in response to U. S. Bureau of Air Commerce Chief Eugene Vidal’s initiative AB-205 for “everyman’s safe, low-cost, airplane.” The target price of $700 for a flivver aircraft was widely ridiculed as too low, even at depression prices, because of practical engine and manufacturing costs, but Vidal found significant general interest in the concept.  (Pics)

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History of the Flying Car – Part Two: The Curtiss Autoplane


Curtiss Autoplane

The 1917 Autoplane, designed by the aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss, is usually cited as the world’s first flying car.  The Autoplane married a flivver (resembling a Model T) to a biplane–make that triplane.  The car, patented in 1919, was capable of short hops–bunny hops, to be exact. It tried but never achieved sustained flight. (Pics)


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World’s First Airborne Car


You know you want one

The “Runflier” Stalker”, which is an advanced version of the earlier model Evolution, looks like a four-wheeled car with wings that can be folded along the body of the vehicle. It is, however, a lot more than that; it is a landmark airborne vehicle second to none in the world. The Runflier’s designer is a graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute and a former aviation test pilot. His name is Alexander Begak, and he is also (among his many other hats) the chief designer of Skarabei Laboratory. He proudly claims that in the air the Stalker can travel up to 200 kilometers (about 124 miles) per hour. Continue reading… “World’s First Airborne Car”


Personal Flying Car


No Need To Sit In Traffic When You Can Fly Right Over It

Flying cars? We love ’em. As they get to be more real with Terrafugia and others gearing up their upcoming craft, the Pentagon and its research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), wants to get in on all the fun. Imagine how convenient a flying Humvee would be would you’re protecting the world from evildoers.

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Parajet Skycar Is An Unusual Way To Fly


Watch Out! That First Step Is A Doozie

This ridiculous contraption is the Parajet Skycar, a carbon neutral “flying car” that’s essentially a dune buggy with a propeller on the back and a parachute. While by looking at it you may think that it can only fly when driven off the roof of a skyscraper, the team behind it plans to fly it from London to Timbuktu sometime next year. Well, driving will be involved as well, but also flying!

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Latest Flying Car – The Milner AirCar

 Latest Flying Car - The Milner AirCar

The AirCar is not just a plane that can drive around. Quite the opposite: it’s a lightweight fully-featured car that can compact to be about the size of a Hummer and fit in a garage. Soon it will transform into a flying car. The photographs below are of a prototype that can drive but can’t fly, but the company hopes to get it off the ground and onto the market within the next two years. (w/pics)
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