Unruly Children To Be Punished With ‘Innovative’ Foot Massages


Bad Attitudes Get a Good Foot Bending

Badly behaved schoolchildren are set to face alternative punishment in the form of foot and head messages as a means of controlling bad behaviour. A London-run company called Bud-Umbrella will work in 60 primary and 14 secondary schools, offering the alternative therapy to improve unruly children’s behaviour.

Lambeth Council in south London is to reportedly spend £90,000 next year sending the reflexologists into the schools – despite the fact there is little evidence such treatment improves behaviour.

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Saigak Power Boots


The news report is in Russian language

This is a Russian TV news report on the russian made “Power Boots”, also known as “Seven League Boots”, or “Quickwalker Boots”, or the “Saigak Power Boots”, which is the russian word for a kind of elk.

The boots were created by a russian scientist Viktor Gordeyev. Each boot includes a single diesel cylinder which is powered by diesel fuel.

The boots make it possible for the wearer to increase their running and walking speed up to 25 miles per hour or more. Additional videos after the jump.

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