Ford’s Active Park Assist


Problems With Parallel Parking Are A Thing Of The Past

Maybe this Active Park Assist will help save Ford from the clutches of bankruptcy and ruin. We can only hope. Instead of the cameras in the Lexus LS 460 auto-parking system, this one uses ultrasonic sensors to determine the car’s position, smartly steering it into even the tightest of parking spaces.

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Ford Thunderbird Kitchen Appliances


A Gear Head’s Dream Kitchen Begins With These Appliances

In the wake of the White House’s Detroit bailout, we needed a reminder of why we should have any good thoughts about American automakers. Well, we got it in the form of these awesome kitchen appliances by Radi Design, made to resemble the exterior of a beautiful 1954 Ford Thunderbird.

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Honda’s Ecological Drive Assist System

Honda’s Ecological Drive Assist System 

Honda is turning its 2009 Insight hybrid cars into acceleration nannies. This new Ecological Drive Assist System (EDAS) features a chameleon-like speedometer, turning blue if you’re driving too rambunctiously. It’s all in the name of saving the planet, encouraging drivers to ease off the throttle with an easily-seen color code.

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21st Century Car: Ford Model T 2.0


Made For Your Average Small Guy, and only 3 wheels

It’s been 100 years since Ford’s first Model T hit the road, and to commemorate the occasion, Ford commissioned a design contest to create Model T 2.0. Of the two winners of $25,000 in scholarship money, the Model T2 design you see above was our favorite, a three-wheeled coupe from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. It has motors on each wheel’s hub, powered by compressed air. It also sports an unspecified “novel steering system,” which we figure has something to do with all three wheels getting into the act.


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Ford’s “MyKey” Feature Will Let Parent’s Set Limits On Teens

Ford’s “My Key” Feature Will Let Parent’s Set Limits On Teens

 MyKey controlled by a computer chip in the key, that allows parents to limit the car’s
speeds to 80 mph and set a maximum volume for the audio system on some 2010 models.

So you think junior is a little too lead-footed when he drives the family car? Starting next year, Ford Motor Co. will give you the power to do something about it.

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‘Smart Intersection’ Designed By Ford

‘Smart Intersection’ Designed By Ford 


Talking, eating, texting, changing the radio station…all things that we do while we are driving. They take our attention away from the road and significantly increase the likelihood of an accident, especially at intersections. A new system from Ford, called “Smart Intersection” was designed to reduce the number of accidents related to driver distraction.

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