Girl Grows Two New Kidneys After Old Ones Fail

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Kidney Failure With A Surprise Ending.

A girl left seriously ill when both her kidneys failed astounded medical experts by growing two new ones. Angel Burton from Louth, Lincolnshire, suffered from painful kidney infections from birth to the point where she required surgery at the age of five.

But surgeons were amazed to discover the little girl had four kidneys, with two new fully formed organs sitting on top of her old ones. And the new ones had taken over the role of the others, meaning she was effectively ‘cured’ of kidney failure.

Study: People Remember Four Things At Once

 Study: People Remember Four Things At Once

Your brain machinery is clunky, only remembering 3-4 things at a time

Human memory is short. And we would do well to remember that, say researchers at the University of Missouri- Columbia. Their study on the storage capacity of the conscious mind or working memory, as reported by, caps the limit at a mere three or four.

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Fish Can Count, but Only Up to Four

Fish Can Count, but Only Up to Four

Fish have the limited ability to count directly up to four, say scientists.

Christian Agrillo, an experimental psychologist at the university of Padua in Italy, said that it was during a study on North American mosquito fish that their limited mathematical ability was observed.

The researcher said that the fish used its mathematical ability to count the number of other fish around it.
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