Over 200 New Species Discovered in Papua New Guinea


This Pink-Eyed Katydid is one of many new species discovered.

This pink-eyed katydid lives in the forest canopy in Papua New Guinea. It is one of the over 200 new species discovered by the Conservation International expedition to the Muller Range mountains last year. See more of the new species of frogs, ants, spiders, mammals, and plants, and videos of the expedition at Conservation International.

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Powerful New Antibiotics from Frog Skin

frog skin

Antibiotics from frog skin could help fight superbugs.

Powerful new antibiotics developed from the skin of frogs could take the fight against superbugs to a higher level. Frog skin is known to have plenty of potent germ-fighting compounds because of the hostile surroundings they inhabit. But these substances are often poisonous to humans. Now a team at the United Arab Emirates University have thought up a way of altering the chemicals to remove their toxicity, the Telegraph reported.

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Inmates Successful In Raising Engdangered Frogs


Oregon Spotted Frog

Kneeling on the edge of a tank the size of a child’s wading pool, Harry Greer thrust his arm into the cool water and scooped up three frogs.  Greer smiled like a proud parent as the tiny green and black spotted frogs squirmed in his hand. He bragged about how he had raised the endangered amphibians from eggs to tadpoles to juvenile frogs only steps from his prison cell.


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More Than 200 New Amphibians Discovered In Madagascar

More Than 200 New Amphibians Discovered In Madagascar

 frog Boophis ulftunni

Highlighting a “vast underestimation” of Madagascar’s natural riches, up to 221 new species of amphibians have been found on the island country, including the frog Boophis ulftunni, pictured. The find nearly doubles the number of known amphibians in Madagascar, a new study says. (Pics)

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