Toxic Fumes On Planes Linked To Brain Damage In Pilots


Scientists say they have found a link between toxic fumes on planes and brain damage in pilots

Poisons in the air pumped into plane cabins and cockpits have been linked to brain damage.  Cabin crew and pilots have long blamed exposure to jet engine fumes for memory loss, tremors, lethargy and other symptoms of so-called aerotoxic syndrome.


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Cavemen Did Crack?


Caveman as Drug User?

Archaeologists Quetta Kaye and Scott Fitzpatrick have confirmed the long-suspected habit of prehistoric man: they used drugs!

They found ceramic bowls, as well as tubes for inhaling drug fumes or powders, which appear to have originated in South America between 100BC and 400BC and were then carried 400 miles to the islands.

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Automated Construction System To Change Face of Home-Building



A new automated construction system is all set to change the face of home-building, for it is soon going to step out of the developmental phase and become a functional house-building robot. This prototype was developed by Behrokh Khoshnevis of the University of Southern California.

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Diesel Fumes Shown Harmful to Brain

Diesel Fumes Shown to Harm Brain

Inhaling diesel exhaust triggers a stress response in the brain that may have damaging long-term effects on brain function, Dutch researchers said on Tuesday.

Previous studies have found very small particles of soot, or nanoparticles, are able to travel from the nose and lodge in the brain. But this is the first time researchers have demonstrated a change in brain activity.

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